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Bandwidth Audio Home Trial Program

Evaluate our amplifiers and preamplifiers in your own home... with your own speakers!


Bandwidth Audio’s home trial program allows potential customers to experience our amplifiers and preamplifiers in their own home. Our goal is to provide assessment of our products with your existing audio system in a comfortable and familiar setting before making a purchase.

To coordinate a home trial, please contact us.

Request Home Trial
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Thanks for your interest! We will be in contact with you soon.

How it works


A demonstration model of the amplifier or preamplifier model you are interested in is shipped to your home address after receiving a deposit for the full product price on a valid credit card.


On the date the shipment is delivered to your address, you have 21 days to use the product with your existing audio system. After the 21-day period, the demonstration model must be returned (including all packaging and accessories) to Bandwidth Audio using the provided return shipping labels.

Should you decide to purchase one of our products at the end of the trial period, the full deposit will be used against the price of a new product.

Should you decide not to purchase one of our products at the end of the trial period, 90% of the original deposit value will be returned to your credit card once the product is received by us in good condition. The remaining 10% is non-refundable and will be withheld to cover our costs of shipping and wear and tear.

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