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Bandwidth Audio Products

2845 Mono Tube Power Amplifier

A 50 Watt high power Class-A Singe-Ended Triode SET amplifier based on a parallel 845 output stage. The 2845 Amplifier breaks down the low power SET barrier. Its outstanding low frequency control, exceedingly open musical presentation, and exceptional noise performance means it can drive both high and low efficiency speakers alike, to audio nirvana.

Bandwidth Audio 2845 SET Amplifier

Rated Power: 50 Watts at 2.75% THD+N (Open Loop)
Class: A
Output Config: Parallel Single-Ended
Feedback: Open Loop / Closed Loop
Power Tubes: 845
Load Impedance: 4, 8, and 16 ohm supported

A 5 Watt Class-A Single-Ended Triode tube SET amplifier with a parallel 2A3 output stage. This low-noise, low-distortion amplifier features no feedback for a truly captivating listening experience. With the right speakers, nothing else will do. 

Rated Power: 5 Watts at 2.75% THD+N

Class: A

Output Config: Parallel Single-Ended

Feedback: Open Loop / Closed Loop

Power Tubes: Parallel 2A3 (standard)  / Parallel 45 (user)

Load Impedance: 4, 8, and 16 ohm supported

Bandwidth Audio 22A3 SET Amplifier

22A3 SET Mono Tube Power Amplifier

288 Mono Tube Power Amplifier

A 60 Watt Class-AB mono tube power amplifier with an ultralinear KT88 output stage. Effortless sound from an amplifier built like no other. A great match for even the most difficult loudspeakers. 

Rated Power: 60 Watts at 1% THD+N

Class: AB

Output Config: Push-Pull Ultralinear

Feedback: Closed Loop

Power Tubes: KT88

Load Impedance: 4, 8, and 16 ohm supported

Bandwidth Audio 288 Push Pull Amplifier

Kaskode One Tube Phono Preamplifier

Ultra-low noise MM / MC Class-A open loop all tube phono preamp with highly tunable loading designed to get the most out of your best cartridge. This preamp uses rare European 10,000-hour rated NOS tubes designed for the lowest possible noise, high gain, and high linearity. All tubes are tested and hand-selected in house. 

Bandwidth Audio Kaskode One Tube Phono Preamp

Cartridge Support: MM & MC (MC Optional)

Gain (MM Mode): 46dB

Gain (MC Mode): 60dB (1:5) 66dB (1:10) 72dB (1:20)

Tubes: NOS Siemens D3A + EC8010

THD+N: <0.05%

RIAA Accuracy: +/- 0.2dB from 20Hz to 40KHz

MM Input Referred Noise: 0.2uV, -132dBu

Aurora One Tube Line Preamplifier & Buffer

The Aurora One tube line preamplifier & buffer acts as a bridge between your analog sources and power amplifier. Featuring a Class-A non-feedback open-loop all tube signal path, the Aurora One offers complete transparency with extraordinary low distortion and noise. With 6 analog inputs, this line preamp has enough overhead for even the largest systems. 

Bandwidth Audio Aurora One Tube Line Preamp

Analog Inputs: 6 RCA Pairs

Outputs: 2 RCA Pairs (with Independent mute)

Modes: Low Gain, High Gain, Bypass

Tubes: 6H30PI + E88CC

Gain: Low Gain: 8dB High Gain: 14dB / Bypass: 0dB

THD+N: <0.05% at 2V RMS

Input referred Noise: 112.2dBu (High Gain)

SNR: -106dB (High Gain, 2V RMS Output)

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