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Bandwidth Audio Products

288 Mono Tube Power Amplifier

Pair of 60 Watt Class-AB mono tube power amplifiers with Ultralinear KT88 output stage. Effortless sound from an amplifier built like no other. A great match for even the most difficult loudspeakers. 

Rated Power: 60 Watts at 1% THD+N

Class: AB

Output Config: Push-Pull Ultralinear

Feedback: Closed Loop

Power Tubes: KT88

Load Impedance: 4, 8, and 16 ohm supported


Pair of 5 Watt Class-A Single Ended Triode tube amplifiers with a parallel 2A3 output stage. This low-noise, low-distortion amplifier features no feedback for a truly captivating listening experience. With the right speakers, nothing else will do. 

Rated Power: 5 Watts at 2.75% THD+N

Class: A

Output Config: Parallel Single Ended

Feedback: Open Loop / Closed Loop

Power Tubes: Parallel 2A3 (standard)  / Parallel 45 (user)

Load Impedance: 4, 8, and 16 ohm supported


22A3 SET Mono Tube Power Amplifier

Kaskode One Tube Phono Preamplifier

Ultra-low noise MM / MC Class-A open loop all tube phono preamp with highly tunable loading designed to get the most out of your best cartridge. This preamp uses rare European 10,000-hour rated NOS tubes designed for the lowest possible noise, high gain, and high linearity. All tubes are tested and hand-selected in house. 

Front Shadow.png

Cartridge Support: MM & MC (MC Optional)

Gain (MM Mode): 46dB

Gain (MC Mode): 60dB (1:5) 66dB (1:10) 72dB (1:20)

Tubes: NOS Siemens D3A + EC8010

THD+N: <0.05%

RIAA Accuracy: +/- 0.2dB from 20Hz to 40KHz

MM Input Referred Noise: 0.2uV, -132dBu

Aurora One Tube Line Preamplifier & Buffer

The Aurora One tube line preamplifier & buffer acts as a bridge between your analog sources and power amplifier. Featuring a Class-A non-feedback open-loop all tube signal path, the Aurora One offers complete transparency with extraordinary low distortion and noise. With 6 analog inputs, this line preamp has enough overhead for even the largest systems. 


Analog Inputs: 6 RCA Pairs

Outputs: 2 RCA Pairs (with Independent mute)

Modes: Low Gain, High Gain, Bypass

Tubes: 6H30PI + E88CC

Gain: Low Gain: 8dB High Gain: 14dB / Bypass: 0dB

THD+N: <0.05% at 2V RMS

Input referred Noise: 112.2dBu (High Gain)

SNR: -106dB (High Gain, 2V RMS Output)

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