Bandwidth Audio warrants vacuum tubes shipped with our amplifiers or purchased directly to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 months after the initial date of purchase. This Limited Warranty applies to only new vacuum tubes sold by Bandwidth Audio and purchased by the original purchaser/owner.

Warranty Includes:

  • Defective vacuum tubes

Warranty Conditions:

  • Conditions, malfunctions, and/or damage not caused by defective parts are not covered.
  • Damage to the amplifier caused by defective vacuum tubes is not covered, unless the vacuum tubes are still covered by the 3-month Vacuum Limited Tube Warranty.
  • Damage during shipping to Bandwidth Audio for warranty and non-warranty covered service.
  • Cosmetic flaws due to misuse, neglect or normal wear.

For Repair:

  • In the event you are experiencing issues with your vacuum tubes, please contact us immediately to discuss the problem.
  • At this point, return authorization will be issued.
  • Do NOT send Bandwidth Audio vacuum tubes for warranty replacement without being issued return authorization.
  • The owner of the equipment is responsible for shipping the vacuum tubes to Bandwidth Audio. It is recommended to keep the original packaging to reship in the event of warranty or non-warranty service. A copy of the original receipt/proof of purchase must also be provided with the shipment.
  • After an evaluation, we will let you know if the issue is covered under warranty. If the issue is covered under the warranty, we will replace the defective vacuum tube/s fee of charge. Any vacuum tube replacement necessary outside of the warranty will be billed accordingly.

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