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Tube Curve Trace

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Tube Testing Report

Tube Testing

For critical vacuum tube positions, in-house computer testing and matching ensures best possible tube performance. Tubes are tested at real world conditions as they would be in the final circuit. In these instances, tube testing data is also included with the shipped product.

We test our tubes across their 4 key parameters:

gm (transconductance), Mu (gain), Rp (plate resistance), and Ia (plate current)

These parameters give an indication of the tubes overall heath and are the key parameters for matching.

We can typically will match to 5% or better across all 4 parameters.

Since these parameters are tested at a static point on the tubes operating range, we also curve trace these tubes to look for performance anomalies. With curve tracking we can visually catch bad tubes that would otherwise pass the static conditions above. 

For more information on the importance of tube tube testing, read our technical article: