In the event that your Bandwidth Audio product requires warranty or non-warranty service, please fill out the Service Request Form which can be downloaded from the link below.

After the form has been filled out, please send a copy to

We will contact you to discuss your service needs after receiving the form.

We will quote the price of standard service requests before receiving the item, however upon diagnostics, we may have to adjust the quote depending on special needs or other issues. If this is the case we will always contact the customer before proceeding with the request. We charge a one hour diagnostic minimum once we receive an item in our shop. 

Full performance testing as included with new amplifiers can be performed on any service requested item for additional charge.

Common Service Requests:

  • Revision Update: Since we are constantly trying to improve our products, our designs often go through circuit revisions which include improvements to performance and reliability. In most cases we can perform upgrades to convert older product versions to newer versions. 

  • Vacuum Tube replacement and Bias: Replace all vacuum tubes including in house testing and matching of power tube and specific preamp tubes if required by the amplifier model. Biasing and position labeling for customer reinstallation.

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