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Bandwidth Audio Products

Cartridge Support:              MM & MC (MC Optional)  

Gain (MM Mode):                46dB

Gain (MC Mode):                 60dB (1:5) 66dB (1:10) 72dB (1:20)

Tubes:                                  NOS Siemens D3A + EC8010

​THD+N:                                <​0.05%

RIAA Accuracy:                  +/- 0.2dB from 20Hz to 40KHz

MM Input referred Noise:   0.2uV, -132dBu


​​​​​​​Kaskode One Tube Phono Preamplifier 

Ultra-low noise MM / MC Class-A open loop all tube phono preamp with highly tunable loading designed to get the most out of your best cartridge. This preamp uses rare European 10,000 hour rated NOS tubes designed for the lowest possible noise, high gain, and high linearity. All tubes are tested and hand selected in house.

Rated Power:        60 Watts at 1% THD+N

Class:                    AB

Output Config:     Push-Pull Ultralinear

​Feedback:             Closed Loop

Power Tubes:        KT88

Load Impedance:  4, 8, and 16 ohm Supported

Rated Power:         5 Watts at 2.75% THD+N

Class:                     A

Output Config:      Parallel Single Ended

​Feedback:             Open Loop / Closed Loop

Power Tubes:        Parallel 2A3

Load Impedance:  4, 8, and 16 ohm Supported

22A3 SET Mono Tube Power Amplifier

Pair of 5 Watt Class-A Single Ended Triode tube power amplifiers with a parallel 2A3 output stage. This low noise low distortion amplifier features no feedback for a truly captivating listening experience. With the right speakers, nothing else will do.

​​​​288 Mono Tube Power Amplifier


Pair of 60 Watt Class-AB mono tube power amplifiers with Ultralinear KT88 output stage. Effortless sound from an amplifier built like no other. A great match for even the most difficult loudspeakers.