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About Bandwidth Audio

There was little evidence in the claims made by these companies and the performance data they gave were as ambiguous as the all the rest.

After a little research, I was disheartened to find that many of these audio companies were only interested in owning a brand name. The products were designed and manufactured elsewhere. Designs were even shared across brands. 

​As a trained Electrical Engineer with experience in the semiconductor industry designing high power monolithic Class-D audio amplifiers and a background as a musician, I decided it was finally time to build my own quality audio amplifier from the ground up they way I wanted, without constraint. 

I spent over a year designing and testing circuits, optimizing the layout, working on sheet metal design and sourcing components; and in instances where off-the-shelf components wouldn’t do, I worked with vendors to manufacture exclusive custom components.

Finally in 2011 came Bandwidth Audio's first 288 Mono Amplifier. 

Not only do the 288 amplifiers have superb audio performance, they are easy to service through traditional wiring techniques and are designed to last. Unlike most product today that get tossed aside after only a few years of service, our amplifiers are made to last a lifetime and surely will.

We also take a different approach to performance testing. I first wanted to clarify testing parameters to remove ambiguity and misleading specifications. Second, I wanted to include more comprehensive tests for better product comparisons for our customers. We weren't going to hide the facts like many of the "elite" brands do. That is why we performance verify every amplifier we build and include the test results in the box.

I believe these values are what make Bandwidth Audio unique, which we apply to every product and future products to come.

Matthew Beardsworth

Founder and President

Every product that leaves our shop is fully tested and verified that its performance meets our standards.

Not only do we test each product, we supply the results inside the box.  Our customers can be confident that our products shipped meets our demanding standards. If a product fails our testing, is pulled from inventory to be debugged and rebuilt or otherwise scrapped. 

Common tests include plots and static measurements of bandwidth,  Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and other important parameters.

We also have a standard of testing the bandwidth and total harmonic distortion of our amplifiers at both 1-Watt and at full rated output power across the entire bandwidth of the amplifier. Not just the standard 1-Watt 1KHz test.

critical vacuum tube positions, in-house computer testing and matching ensures best possible tube performance. In these instances, tube testing data is also included.

Testing every amplifier in this manor is a long and painstaking process. However, we feel that this is the best way to show our customers that we are proud of our products and we stand by their performance.

Performance Testing

Starting in 2011, we took a year long journey to design, develop, and source components for our first prototyped pair of monophonic high fidelity vacuum tube amplifiers. Our goal was simple, to create a zero compromise tube amplifier with outstanding build quality to last a lifetime. This prototype became the launchpad for Bandwidth Audio's KT88 Class-AB amplifier, the 288.

After Our Initial prototype in 2011, we were stunned with the performance we had ACHIEVED.

In fact, we never planned to go into the business of building amplifiers in the first place. The 2011 prototype was a personal project to answer to the lack of products in the HI-FI audio market actually worth the asking prices. Many products had decent performance but poor construction and quality; and worse at the high end of the market were gimmicks, hype, myth and branding as the driving forces behind products costing a small fortune.